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Why Might OG be for You?

"Orton–Gillingham was the first teaching approach specifically designed to help struggling readers by explicitly teaching the connections between letters and sounds. Many reading programs include Orton–Gillingham ideas, including a “multisensory” approach, which is considered highly effective for teaching students with dyslexia." From Reading Rockets

OG is an approach-not a program. Trained and Certified Practitioners use  knowledge of multisensory education and a deep understanding of the 5 pillars of the Science of Reading, to individualize lessons to teach each child where they are at.

Dyslexia is the most common cause of reading, writing and spelling difficulties. This article provides a brief overview list of typical signs of dyslexia in preschool and kindergarten.

This video explains my "why."

Discover the 7 key features and benefits of the Orton-Gillingham approach for teaching reading and spelling and download a free e-book

The Simple View of Reading is a formula demonstrating the widely accepted view that reading has two basic components: word recognition (decoding) and language comprehension. Research studies show that a student’s reading comprehension score can be predicted if decoding skills and language comprehension abilities are known.

This is not exactly how I organize my lessons, but this gives you an idea.

Why OG?: List
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