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Frequently Asked Questions


Orton-Gillingham is the gold standard approach for teaching students with dyslexia to read and write. It has been around for decades and uses multimodal, explicit, systematic and individualized instruction in a 1-on-1 or small group environment.

Features of the OG Approach:

Individualized Plan - Every lesson is based on skill gaps = NO WASTED LESSONS/TIME

VAKT-OG simultaneously  engages VISUAL, AUDITORY, KINESTETHIC, and TACTILE  modalities to enhance concept retention. With all of the modalities at work at once, the brain “lights” up.

CUMMULATIVE - The first half of every OG lesson is review of prior concepts. With constant review, new learning is kept fresh and goes from working memory to mastery.

SYSTEMATIC – Concepts are taught  in a carefully order constantly building off of and reinforcing prior learning.

EXPLICIT - EVERYTHING is taught clearly  and with clear concept and instruction.

RESPECTFUL - Each person coming to OG has faced a struggle. They may have or be experiencing feelings of failure, inadequacy, or depression. They may feel not smart, enough, different, excluded, unsuccessful, or hopeless. OG Practitioners take the upmost care to be positive, encouraging, build slowly to build confidence and trust, and we value each person’s journey.

OG is a safe place to learn that while being a square peg may pose challenges,  it can  also lead to success. Different ways of learning and thinking should be celebrated. Come join me, accept who you are, and learn to create your own  path. Square Peg? Let’s make some square holes and reach for the stars!!

Have you ever hoped for a miracle that would end your child’s struggle with literacy?

Have you worried about your child’s self esteem and reluctance to go to school or do assignments? 

If you have, OG might just be for you.

I love to meet families. Contact me with any questions.

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