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As a classroom teacher of all ages, Baby Sign Language to Grade 12 Social Studies, I have seen all types of learners. Every time I meet a student who is different from my previous experiences I make it my mission to learn how to connect with them. Sometimes it is a quick conversation with a colleague or a family. Sometimes it is a Google search.

Then I met dyslexia. While I thought I knew what it looked like, I really didn't. I had a grade 1 student who could answer high level questions regarding any story but could not read or write on their own. After advocacy and research I secured testing for my student. I was right, my student was dyslexic, except it was called Specific Learning Disorder (SLD) Reading and Writing. 

The specialized 1-on-1 intervention required was limited for student support within the framework of the existing educational system. Help is in short supply for the estimated 5-20% of students with SLD Reading and Writing challenges, nor the other 20-30% of readers who require a more explicit approach when learning to read. I became inspired to address this need. I felt time was running out. If not me, then who?


It was at this moment that my life changed. I had read enough to understand that without daily explicit instruction from an expert, these lovely, intelligent exceptional souls would never be able to fulfill their life purpose. The world would miss out on their contributions. NOT TODAY! NOT TODAY my friends. I have been studying and reading and working on my certifications since that moment.

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